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Oil Change Service in The Piedmont Triad

An oil change and filter replacement is one of many preventative maintenance services that help promote maximum vehicle performance while extending the life of your vehicle. Oil is responsible for lubricating the working components inside your vehicle’s engine while reducing the amount of friction between them. During an oil change, we will replace your engine’s old oil with new oil and replace the oil filter, as well as lubricate the chassis components of the vehicle according to the standards of the manufacturer.

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Benefits of an Oil Change For Your Vehicle

Whether you own a car, truck, or a European vehicle such as a BMW, the importance of a regular oil change is the same for any vehicle. Over time your engine’s oil becomes oversaturated with contaminants, and it loses its lubrication which will cause your engine to be overworked and therefore overheat and fail. Clean oil is an amber color that flows better and allows the engine to work more efficiently, giving you more life out of your vehicle, which is why our mechanics will always recommend a regular oil change. If you check your dipstick and your oil is dark, and thick, then it’s time for an oil change.

Lube & Oil Change Services 

During a lube and oil change, our service staff will lubricate the chassis and the internal framework that holds your car together. By the time our staff finishes with your lube and oil change, your engine should be running smoothly, complete with a new oil filter, fresh oil, and a lubricated chassis. Changing your oil early and often will keep your engine running under optimal conditions.


Synthetic oil is artificially created oil that is designed to keep its property longer. A conventional oil like 5w-30 is typically thicker at low temperatures and thinner at higher temperatures. To reverse those properties, conventional oil uses additives, but those additives wear out over time. Instead, synthetics keep their viscosity and won’t degrade, though they will get thicker from picking up contaminants in the engine.


Whether you have a European car like a BMW, a hybrid, truck, or want a high mileage oil change, we can get you back on the road quickly.

Extend The Life Of Your Car With A Regular Oil Change

Changing your oil is an easy and quick way for our team to keep your car running smoothly. With clean oil, your engine doesn’t have to work so hard to function properly, and therefore it’s far less likely to overheat and end up failing while you are in the car. To keep yourself and your car safe and healthy, let the Tire Max team perform oil change services regularly on your vehicle and extend the life of your car. Find our nearest oil change shop

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