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Your brakes are vitally important to how your vehicle drives, so when your brake system is not functioning as it should, it puts the health of your car and your own safety at risk. You may notice a problem if you begin experiencing grinding, squeaking, your vehicle pulling to one side while braking, or even a brake service light appearing on your dashboard. At Tire Max, our brake maintenance experts are able to quickly inspect and diagnose any issues so we can get you back on the road safely.

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When you perform regular maintenance on your brakes, it makes it easier to keep them in good condition and ensure that you are safe while driving. Our mechanics are trained in maintaining and servicing front and rear brake systems and all accompanying brake system components like brake pads, brake shoes, parking brakes, rotors, drums, ABS, and hydraulic systems, so make an appointment with us today.


Determining when to seek a brake inspection depends on your driving conditions and preferences. The goal of our brake inspection is to find, diagnose, and discuss any issues while recommending brake repair procedures. During a brake inspection, we may discover that your brake system requires new brake pads or shoes, or the installation of new brake calipers or wheel cylinders. Alternatively, we may need to drain and replace your old brake fluid to rid the brake lines of air, dirt, and other contaminants. If your brake lines and hoses show cracks or heat damage, we may suggest replacements. To restore maximum braking ability, the rotors or drums of your disc or drum brake system might also need to be replaced.


Brake pads and rotors work together to stop your vehicle and share similar wear patterns. As brake pads compress against the rotor to stop the vehicle, the friction required to slow your wheels creates a large amount of heat that, if not properly dissipated, can wear down each of these parts. A vibrating brake pedal is one indication that your rotors are damaged and need to be replaced. When a rotor is removed from the brake assembly, the rotor will be inspected for cracks and other damage incurred during routine operation. Periodic inspections of rotors will prolong repairs and replacements while ensuring your brake system continues operating as expected.


Since front brakes provide most of your vehicle’s stopping power, they tend to wear out more quickly than rear brakes. When this happens, you may notice squealing noises, grinding, or shaking when you attempt to brake. Additionally, if your vehicle pulls to one side when braking, this indicates a bad caliper or uneven brake pad wear which can result from uneven distribution of pressure in the brake lines. Besides incurring additional repair costs, leaving symptoms of an impending front disc brake repair untreated can lead to serious situations for both yourself and other drivers on the road.


The anti-lock braking system is designed to prevent your automobile’s wheels from locking when braking so traction is maintained with the road. The primary parts of the ABS are speed sensors, pump, valves, and a controller. When there is an issue a light on the dashboard should notify you that it is no longer functioning as it should. These anti-lock braking system is designed to provide maximum braking power, especially in low traction driving over wet or icy roads, without the need to manually pump the brakes.

Brake Repair Services From Expert Mechanics

At Tire Max, we know you live a busy life, which is why we do our best to get you safely back in your vehicle as soon as we can. When you notice issues with your brakes such as squealing, grinding, shaking, or difficulty controlling the car, it is definitely time to have them serviced at our brake shop. Whether your brake system requires repair, replacements, or you need standard auto maintenance services, we are always up to the task. Call us today to schedule your brake repair appointment!

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