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The exhaust system of your car collects harmful emissions and directs them away from your vehicle, which not only reduces the amount of pollutants released into the environment but also minimizes engine exhaust noise and force. Once your exhaust system begins to experience issues functioning, it can begin leaking fumes into your cabin which puts your safety behind the wheel at risk.

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Keeping Yourself & Your Car Safe With Exhaust System Repair

If fumes from your exhaust begin leaking into your cabin, you’ll notice it when you smell sharp odors combined with rattling while starting or accelerating or excessive idling. These are all signs that there are either cracks or rust in the system preventing the exhaust from directing emissions away from your vehicle, and that you should make a service appointment immediately to have it checked out.


Without a catalytic converter, your exhaust system will release poisonous and dangerous gases, like carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxide. Therefore, it’s important that a damaged or clogged catalytic converter be replaced at the first sign of trouble. A key sign of failure is a smell of sulfur which usually indicates a bad catalytic converter. During your service appointment, our mechanics will conduct tests to determine the exact cause of a malfunctioning catalytic converter.


At Tire Max, our muffler shop is your go-to destination for issues that may come up within your exhaust system. We’ve seen rusted, corroded, cracked, and broken mufflers, so we’re prepared to fix anything that comes our way. Because the muffler is responsible for damping engine noise, you’ll notice an issue with this part when you begin hearing loud noises or experiencing rough idling. As soon as you realize there is a problem, bring your car so our team can perform a muffler repair for you.


Though there are certain signs that indicate trouble with your exhaust system, regular maintenance appointments and inspections are the best ways to stay ahead of any problems before they turn serious and costly. At Tire Max, we’re well-trained to spot any potential issues with your muffler, catalytic converter, or other system components and either repair or replace the parts on the spot depending on the results of our inspection.

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Whenever you are experiencing excessive noise while driving, this could be indicative of problems with your muffler or other exhaust systems parts. One of the most dangerous parts of an exhaust system malfunction is that the toxic fumes can leak into your cabin and cause you to feel drowsy while driving. Therefore, it is important to always call a Tire Max technician as soon as you suspect an issue so we can properly diagnose the problem. To make your appointment, contact our team today.

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