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Differential Repair In North Carolina

The differential of your vehicle has some important responsibilities, including transferring engine power to the wheels and compensating for differences in wheel speed while turning. When this part no longer functions as it should, you’ll often experience a bumpy, shaky, and overall unstable ride because the differential isn’t able to regulate power between the wheels. If you begin to notice these issues in your vehicle, call the Tire Max team to schedule a service appointment.

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Maintaining Your Differential’s Health

Whether your car or truck has four-wheel drive, front wheel drive, or rear wheel drive, your vehicle has a differential that experiences heavy wear and tear. When scheduling a differential repair service, you should consider where you drive most often and how much time your vehicle spends traversing particular types of terrain. Tougher terrain—like dirt roads, unpaved or gravel roads—and extreme driving can have a heavier impact on the life of your vehicle’s differential. Maintenance for differentials will differ from vehicle to vehicle, but Tire Max can guide you on when to schedule a service appointment.


Differential fluid reduces the heat caused by the friction of moving parts inside, but that same friction and heat will progressively break down differential fluid. Worn-out fluid can lead to unreliable performance, noise, excessive wear, breakdown, or failure of the part, the last of which will require you to have an entire differential replacement. Always be sure to refer to the owner’s manual in your vehicle when determining the proper service intervals for changing your differential fluid. A differential fluid service drains the old fluid and replaces it with fresh differential fluid.


During a differential fluid change appointment, our service staff may inspect other differential components, like gears and shafts, for excessive wear so that the differential continues to work properly. Once the fluid has been replaced and the system inspected, however, your car will be able to not only run as it should, but provide you with a smoother ride.

Top Differential Repair Services at Tire Max

A differential replacement can be a costly job, which is why it’s important to maintain the health of this system so that your car can continue to drive smoothly. If you notice any signs of differential breakdown including excessive noise or poor driving performance, bring your car into Tire Max for an inspection. We will carefully examine the system to determine the issue and begin the repair process.

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