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Every vehicle built since 1996 has been equipped with an On-Board Diagnostics System that monitors engine performance and sends performance level discrepancies to your vehicle’s computer system. equipped with an On-Board Diagnostics System that monitors engine performance. Discrepancies in performance levels are reported through your vehicle’s computer system. Once the “check engine” or “service engine” light is displayed, your next step should be to seek out an engine diagnostic service or an engine tune-up.

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What Is Engine Diagnostics?

During an engine diagnostics appointment, your technician will inspect the engine to find out what is causing the check-engine light to display on your dashboard. Once the issue has been identified, they will be able to repair it before it becomes a major issues that can cost you more money and time down the road.


During a tune-up appointment, our service staff check your spark plugs, which are responsible for igniting the gasoline and air mixture that fuels your engine, as well as your spark plug wires, which transfer voltage created by your spark plug. We will carefully inspect the condition of your fuel filters to ensure that debris is not reaching your engine, since a clogged fuel filter will lead to poor acceleration and poor engine performance. Similarly, we can look at your air filter, which prevents debris from entering the combustion engine. Overall, a tune-up is an opportunity for our team to ensure optimal performance of these parts and more so your vehicle continues running properly.


Engine diagnostics serve to keep your engine running efficiently. The OBD system is capable of detecting malfunctions before they lower engine performance or cause severe damage, so when the check engine light comes on, you should definitely schedule an appointment. Engine diagnostics will help detect problems early so that minor problems never become major problems. Additionally, engine diagnostics also help keep emissions low, and if your engine is malfunctioning, your vehicle might not pass an emissions test.

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When your check engine light flashes, blinks, or stays on while you’re driving, you know it is time to bring your vehicle in for an inspection. During your appointment, we carefully inspect the engine to ensure each part is doing its job correctly and keeping you safe on the road. After all, engine diagnostics is not just about saving you time and money – it’s about ensuring the safety of you and your family while you are driving your car. Schedule an appointment with our team today and let us get you back on your way.

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